Thursday, 30 June 2016

Birthday sale (use code BIRTHDAY03 in my Etsy store)

To celebrate my daughter turning 3 years old, I thought I would have my first Etsy sale.  So between now and her birthday on 15 July, if you use the code BIRTHDAY03 you will receive a 20% discount on my Margaret Jagger 1824 reproduction chart.  (The discount does not apply to shipping costs of hard copies).

You can find my Etsy store here

Thanks for looking!

Birthday sale (use code BIRTHDAY03 in my Etsy store)

You can find my Etsy store here

The code for the discount is BIRTHDAY03 and is valid until my daughter's birthday on 15 July.  (The discount does not apply to shipping charges for hard copies).

Thanks for looking!

Friday, 3 June 2016

Thank you

Thank you to those who purchased the Margaret Jagger chart in the month of May. 
With your help, I have been able to donate US$50 to Animal Defenders International to support the ongoing costs of the 33 rescued lions who went home to Africa!
If you want to donate or find out more about ADIs work and/or the 33 lions you can click these links -

Monday, 2 May 2016

Spirit of Freedom

Hi everyone

For the month of May I will be donating 50% of all profits from the sale of my Margaret Jagger 1824 reproduction sampler chart to Animal Defenders International.

You may have seen news reports in the last few days about 33 lions who have been relocated back to their ancestral homeland of Africa.  The 33 have been saved from lives of abuse and hardship in South America, and transferred to live out their lives in Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. You can read more about it here ADI on Facebook or here on the ADI website.  

Image sourced from the Daily Mail website

So if you would like to stitch Margaret Jagger 1824 and help fund the future care of these 33 beautiful creatures (who are finally getting the lives they always deserved), please head to my Etsy store to buy your copy.  Margaret Jagger 1824 is available in hard copy or PDF format.

At the beginning of June I will post the total amount I have been able to donate on behalf of yourselves and Bluebelle Samplings.

Thank you!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Stitching Shop

I was thrilled to get a message from Christine of Stitching Shop this morning to let me know that my first reproduction sampler is currently on the front page of her website.  Be sure to pay them a visit by clicking on the link.

Design no. 2 (My Mother Margaret 1828) is now actively underway.

Unfortunately, nothing happens at great speed here due to having a small child and paid employment as my first priorities - but I will be sure to update as design no. 2 gets closer to being released.

Monday, 4 April 2016

My Mother Margaret 1828

This is the next sampler in line to be charted.  As I mentioned in my last post, she's not a very pretty sampler -  but when I saw it I could not go past the sweet verse.

'Who fed me from her gentle breast and hush'd me in her arms to rest and on my cheek sweet kisses prest, my mother Margaret 1828'

I believe this is the first verse of a classical poem by Ann(e) Taylor.

It is hard to know if the sampler was stitched in 1828, or whether the year was significant to the stitcher or her mother.

I hope to 'joosh' this sampler up a bit, while still staying true to the original.

I will announce in the usual places - Facebook, Instagram and here on the blog - when it is ready to order.

If you are in the USA, there will soon be a few copies of my first chart 'Margaret Jagger 1824' available at A Stitching Shop in Denver, Colorado.

You can, of course, still email me directly to order.  Ordering info can be found here.

Monday, 28 March 2016


GIVEAWAY WINNER. And the winner is Laura Tomassi (@jcrewlvr). Congratulations Laura. Please send me an email ( with your address so that I can send the chart out to you asap. I hope you will enjoy stitching Margaret Jagger 1824!

(How the winner was chosen - for each time a person liked and/or shared on Facebook, Instagram or the blog their name was put into a spreadsheet. I then used to pick a number).

Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared, bought a chart or shown an interest. It is much appreciated.

I am currently working on design no. 2, so keep a look out in the months ahead for 'My Mother Margaret 1828'. It isn't an overly pretty sampler, but the sentiment is very sweet indeed.

The Followers gadget has now been added to the top right side of my blog to make it easier for you to add me to your blog roll.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter break!